Cylfi goes to Italy!

Mr. Giuseppe Cornaggia of Euroflam Italia was interested in Cylfi and Jens jumped on the plane. They chose in the showroom the most difficult fireplace to light, left out all the oxygen and put in a burning Cylfi. And lo and behold… Mr. Giuseppe Cornaggia was convinced of Cylfi’s effectiveness!!! Now all that’s left is to make a good distribution deal and the Italians won’t have to worry any more how to light their barbecues and fires anymore!

Special thanks to FIT for the export starters support.


Because you want to enjoy your fire without hassle…

Andreas Ketels, the designer of the beautiful Dewdrop fire baskets from Glowbus, accepted the challenge of Johan, inventor of Cylfi. Both were given an identical fire basket. Johan had only a lighter and the Cylfi. Andreas is a fire enthousiastic in every sense of the word and makes it an honor to light fires without firelighters. He built a pile of paper and kindling. 

Wondering who got to enjoy his fire first and easiest? See the short challenge compilation.   

This was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration between Glowbus (the most beautiful fire pit) and Cylfi (the easiest way to light a fire). With every Glowbus purchased in Europe, the new owner now gets a free Cylfi. 

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CYLFI is looking for points of sale and distributors

The new CYLFI production has arrived in our warehouse, but how do we get them to all barbecue fans?

Do you sell barbecue accessories, barbecue meat or are you a trader who strongly believes in our concept? Feel free to contact us via or via the contact form on this website. We’re happy to send you our price list for larger volumes.

CYLFI got 9/10 for its functionality!!!

Radio 2 tested our CYLFI in “the production test”. Results were published today on Flemish radio in prime time.
The inspector selected Dieter to test CYLFI both in the fireplace and on the barbecue. “It works well,” concluded Dieter and he gave a 9/10 for the functionality. It’s often hard to make fire with large blocks of wood, especially if you have no experience with it. “Then the CYLFI can be your salvation,” says Dieter. “The product does what it’s supposed to do: you light the firelighter in the middle, put the block on top of the coals or blocks of wood and that’s it.”
The price lowers the points. “There are alternatives that are cheaper. But with those alternatives you still need kindling. That also costs something and you have more work. CYLFI is easy.” So you pay for your convenience. “It seems like a fair price for what you get.”