CYLFI got 9/10 for its functionality!!!

Radio 2 tested our CYLFI in “the production test”. Results were published today on Flemish radio in prime time.
The inspector selected Dieter to test CYLFI both in the fireplace and on the barbecue. “It works well,” concluded Dieter and he gave a 9/10 for the functionality. It’s often hard to make fire with large blocks of wood, especially if you have no experience with it. “Then the CYLFI can be your salvation,” says Dieter. “The product does what it’s supposed to do: you light the firelighter in the middle, put the block on top of the coals or blocks of wood and that’s it.”
The price lowers the points. “There are alternatives that are cheaper. But with those alternatives you still need kindling. That also costs something and you have more work. CYLFI is easy.” So you pay for your convenience. “It seems like a fair price for what you get.”