The Cylfi® (patent pending) is an extremely simple system to light a fireplace, stove or barbecue. Paper and small wood are not required.

The Cylfi is 100% ecological, made from natural materials.

The smart design ensures beautiful and optimum combustion without smoke development.

Easy in use

  • Lucifer in it and the fire starts automatically
  • No newspaper required.
    No small wood needed.
    No lighters required.
  • No messing around with stacking up
    wood in fireplace or stove.


  • 100% natural product. Made of waste wood
    from sustainably managed forests.
  • Smart design provides one
    optimum combustion without
    smoke development

Ingenious design

  • Thanks to specific design, the
    flame development is very nice
    to look at
  • The ingenious system takes care that
    the flame heats the chimney,
    so much less chance of kickback,
    not even on cold winter days.



Fireplace or stove

The Cylfi is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly and extremely simple system to light a fire or stove. The Cylfi is made of disc-cut waste wood, in which a production block is incorporated.

The Cylfi has been thought out with care and uses air currents in the fire, so that optimum combustion is achieved without smoke. Paper and small wood are no longer required. The initial flame ensures that the fireplace heats up and the chance of kickback is minimal.

The flame spreads through the recesses and openings after 5 minutes, with the logs or coals on which the Cylfi rests catch fire. Once the Cylfi burns well, you can place one piece of wood on the Cylfi, so that the fire spreads further through the side recesses.

FIRE IN 1-2-3


With a barbecue you place the Cylfi centrally on the pile of coal. Put a match in the middle hole of the Cylfi.
When the Cylfi is black and completely burning (usually after 20 minutes), turn with a stick through the coals. Your barbecue is now on fire!


Place the Cylfi on two approximately equally large blocks of wood. It doesn’t matter if they are round or rectangular; make sure you have an opening of one centimeter if you choose straight blocks.
Put a match in the middle hole of the Cylfi. If the Cylfi is completely black and burns all around (usually after 15 minutes), you can put one log of wood on top. Your fire is now on fire!

Additional information.

Kindling wood is not required. The Cylfi replaces both the kindling block and the kindling wood.
You always place the Cylfi at the top of the wood, never at the bottom. Never cover the Cylfi before the Cylfi is completely lit (usually after 15 minutes). Do not place small wood on the Cylfi.
Light the Cylfi from above in the middle whole.